Amaité Project

Sustainable, Ecological & Efficient
House: 350 m2 | Pot: 3.500 m2
San Miguel / Santa Gertrudis

From 2.900.000 €

Our expertise
is your solution”

Hector Delgado
Le Exclusif CEO

Plots in Ibiza from 900.000 €

Plots with project and license from 1.150.000 €

Plots for buildings

Properties with potential through renovations

Modular Projects (quick, efficient & economical construction)

Hotels in Balearic Islands, Europe and Riviera Maya
Passive Houses, Buildings

About Le Exclusif

Le Exclusif is your leading partner for real estate assets in the Balearics and Mexico.
We are located in two of today’s most popular destinations offering high standards in terms of quality of life.

Mexico and Ibiza are first class tourist destinations which makes them one of the best opportunities as an investment product.

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We have created a synergy of professionals from all walks of life to create this unique product evolving with change and adapting to people’s changing needs.

The prospects for the future are very good and we are already feeling the consequences in our field.

Our aim is to listen to our clients, that is why we offer resources to meet our clients’ objectives, always adapting to the current market situation.


Unique value strategy

Le Exclusif is at your disposal to accompany you in the selection of the project, always adapting its design to the land and preparing the product ready for the investor.
We also offer subsequent marketing, management and maintenance of the final client, as we have been offering real estate services for more than 15 years.


Analysis and return on investment

We bring a unique value to the market, ensuring a return on investment or stability, thanks to our analysis in both cities (see report).


Expert real estate agents

We have created a perfect mix providing a great infrastructure consisting of great experts in construction, architecture, landscaping, etc. in both countries together with our great experience and positioning in the area as Real Estate Agents.


Off plan sales

Thanks to our knowledge of the local market and the demand of our clients, the success of the product is guaranteed (off plan sales).

Balearic Islands & Mexico

Ibiza, Mallorca and Mexico. Areas of expertise

+150 million

Portfolio of more than 150 million

Top 10

Investment companies in Ibiza and Mexico

Lifestyle and nature

The world is in constant change, especially after all the events of recent years, wars, pandemics.

Nowadays people’s priorities have changed in general and they give another meaning to what quality of life would mean to them.

Le Exclusif acts accordingly by providing all the conditions in an idyllic place to live in peace and tranquility.

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Our product encompasses all the qualities to be a premium product, such as the sustainability of our infrastructures, the creation of smart homes and the fusion with the organic, introducing nature as an essential part of our seal.


Nature at home and landscaping

The environment of our daily life influences our energy and vibration, according to evident studies, people’s health is related to what our home transmits to us and what we feel day by day, normally where we spend most of our time. We create organic designs, a luxury for all senses.

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For us the connection with the original, the earth, and the vegetation is essential to create that unique energy and different from the common so thanks to our expert in Landscaping we can create that feeling in any space.

What better than investing in the place where you will live?”

Hector Delgado
Le Exclusif CEO


Ibiza and Mexico are both awsome places to open a business: Two sough after travel destinations with gorgeus natural settings and a luxury yet casual way of life adored by socialities, jetsetters. artists, creative enterpreneurs,etc.

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Indeed the number of business and projects has been increasing in the past 10 years in both locations.

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Privilleged places

There is a spiritual connection betwen this two places on earth. We felt a strong force of attraction, which would we felt a stron force of attraction, which would manifest itself through what we would describe as a bundle of similar experiencies, energies, patterns of social expression.

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Both places share lifestyles, fashion, spirituality, a freelance or enterpreneurial career, passion for electronic music and a rather jet set lifestyle.

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QRoo tendrá dos nuevos hospitales tras construcción de Tren Maya y aeropuerto de Tulum

El gobierno federal destinó 15 millones de pesos para dar mantenimiento a 60 centros de salud ubicados en la zona por donde pasará el Tren Maya.

Tulum recibirá inversión histórica en el 2023: $1,000 millones para zonas arqueológicas

El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador destaca que el estado obtendrá más de 45,000 millones de pesos en proyectos como el Tren Maya, aeropuertos y obras viales.

Aeropuerto de Tulum: inauguración, vuelos, cómo llegar y conexión con el Tren Maya

El nuevo aeródromo, uno de los proyectos insignia del sexenio, arrancará operaciones en diciembre de 2023 con vuelos nacionales desde cinco destinos confirmados